Original Letter to the District Attorneys office
August 18, 2006

To whom it may concern: I was on the 12.30 am bus from Boulder to Denver on Christmas night. I had spent the day with a friend and family, James "Mac" Read of Longmont Colorado. The nine ocklock bus did not show that night and the midnight greyhound was late. It arrived about 12.30 or so. Just a minute or two before it left* Karr showed up standing on the platform near the the bus. I think he was wearing a western type fleece vest (brown outside white fluff inside). I tried to bum a light for a cigarette from him and he freaked out as I approached with an "ohhhhhh noooooo". He got on the bus and sat on the right side about a quarter the way back on the right side (facing with the bus). He kept looking over his shoulder at me sitting on the left side about half way back. Really kind of freaked me out at the time. He got off at the second stop which I believe was the highway. Why? I haven't a clue, on the surface it doesnt seem to make sense, however he was quite noticible and you should try to locate anyone else who was on the bus that night. My ID is not 100% but its about 90%. As a witness I have credibility problems up the ying, I believe you would not want me involved. However with all the attention you should be able to locate others on the bus that night... it was packed.

If I can be of help of course I would be will to, but as I said you will be better off with another source.

Dan Pride


Correction: The bus must have left right at one ocklock, it arrived and departed late. The figure arrived at the bus just a minute or two before departure. I missed the connecting bus out Aurora Ave, the Denver Bus system stopped running at 2.00

Credibility Issues: My reference to "Credibility issues" was a reference to this site. While every single word is correct and true and the events have happened exactly as described, it is of course a defense lawyers dream. A prosecutor would have to spend extensive effort to prove every word and then by the time he got done defending his witness and proving the credibility, the focus of the trial would be lost

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