As regards the rest of Solomon's affairs, both first and last,
are they not recorded in the words of Nathan the Prophet...

The Holy Bible   2 Chronicles 9:29

"Nathan the Prophet"... a central figure in Solomon's rise to power.

Adonijah... consulted with Joab son of Zeruiah and with Abiathar the priest for they were supporters of Adonijah. But Zadok the priest, Benaiah son of Jehoiada, Nathan the Prophet, Shimei, Rei and David's mighty men were not on Adonijah's side.

The Holy Bible   1 Kings 1:8

About the Nathan R note

The Nathan R note is at the center of the number one FBI Conspiracy on the world-wide-web (out of 400,000 sites) and has been for each of the last four years (2000-2003). If I, the former excavator of King Solomon's Gate, wrote the Nathan R note as claimed, then the truth of the largest, longest terrorist case in history is far different than has been reported with startling implications for the history of our time. The Unabom case becomes the first of the bogus terrorist cases in support of ever larger intelligence budgets. It is the start of the path that leads to 9/11 and the Iraq war. The Nathan R note and the case as well as the name Nathan also seem to be surrounded, indeed enveloped in a series of incredible personal coincidences, nearly all independently verifiable, but at the same time tremendously odd.

The FBI claims they do not know the notes author. They have also repeatedly refused an interview despite passing polygraphs by federally recognized polygraphists, current handwriting matches, the identification of Nathan Salmon as agent Dettling's stepson, and independent confirmation by three individuals familiar with my handwriting prior to the notes publication.


Ten Thousand FBI 302 forms (interview records) exist for every single Nathan last name R individual in the USA. But none exist for the individual, the former Solomonic Gate Excavator, who passed a polygraph saying he wrote it, provided a matching handwriting sample, three independent identifications of his handwriting's similarity to the note, and an identification of who Nathan was !!! Instead of an FBI interview, the Excavator of the Gate is left on his own "Digging for Truth" in real life, just like the title of the documentary.

With the site now the leading conspiracy site on the web, true Solomonic justice may yet be dispensed from the records of the Tel Gezer excavation of the Real King Solomon's Gate** 

In the end I believe Unabom will be regarded as a crime against the environment. A structured attempt by the powerful to discredit the early voices for sanity in the treatment of the earth as well as a grab for surveillance power. It has a twin in the Judith Bari case and in others as well, altho none quite so far reaching as this. As we approach the impending environmental apocalypse, indeed,... the "Sun may have set on everyone elses...." and its meaning,... the definition of eternal evil? For all of us? For all time?

Eleven Years, Eleven Votes, Eleven Regrets, Eleven PM, November 11, Sept 11 not to mention May 11... Things  just seem to go from one August second to another... with a Chi-Rho here and a Chi-Rho there, here a street light, there a street light every where a coincidence and a non connection connection. Unavoidably Fascinating!

Footnote: Years later, I mailed hundreds of Christmas Cards with the Papal election photos on the front and the Nathan R note graphic on the back along with my handwriting. If you wrote it, even the casual observer would laugh at the Joke, but my handwriting matched, at least according to the myriad of Postal Inspectors who saw it as it passed through their hands. Some poor recipients actually had panic attacks, apparently I ruined one poor lady's christmas that I heard about. Anyway, I finally got my 302 at the Liberty Mutual Insurance offices in Portsmouth NH, on what was my last day at work there. I took no guff, jabbing my finger at them with ... "and you know damn well....". I wonder if a 302 is still on the record on this one.... apparently my very angry and aggressive nature during the conversation with the two FBI agents, which was witnessed by a number of my co-workers through the glass was... how do you say... a little out of the ordinary for such a button down industry :)

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