Tel Gezer Staff from the 1971 Archaeology Excavation.

Witnesses to the First Proof of a Biblical Passage

Tel Gezer 1971 Staff Photo

Staff members included: Christopher A Carr, Albert Leonard Jr., John Matthers, Duane E. Smith, Mary Russell, Albert R. Culhane, Theodore A. Rosen, Benjamin Caplan,, John R. Osborne, James M. Weinstein. Middle Row: Karen Seger, Linda B. Ginsburg, Phyllis Holladay, Sonya Margolin, Pamela Gaber, Don Hobson, Mary Wright, Eugene L Collins, Suzanne Richard, Wendy Shattil, Martha Anders, Janet MacLennan. Joe Seger, John S. Holladay, Jr., Anita M. Walker, William Dever, H. Darrell Lance, Dan P. Cole, Robert B. Wright, Reuben G. Bullard, Norma E. Dever.

Allegheny Chaplin Don Hobson

Allegheny Chaplin Donald Hobson organized the summer intern program and set up its association with the Albright institute. Thus is was, that an Allegheny student in the Albright program and tradition assisted in completing the vision of William Foxwell Albright,... the delivery of the first biblical proof. Hobson is standing dead center in the Staff Photo (above). Appropriately his white shirt occupies the center of the photo like the white spot in a bull's-eye ! He was an inspirational figure to many of those involved.

Allegheny's later unbalanced and childish treatment of Chaplin Hobson is a dark chapter in the colleges history and a stain upon the college's reputation. It is a stain, that may outlast the memory of the college itself. Key events in the history of the Bible tend to do things like that as the Millennia go by. This blight upon this Methodist institutions reputation for fairness needs to be formally reversed and Hobson's outstanding, consistent and substantial contributions to the College and its community recognized, not to mention his role in biblical history. Skinning Dipping anyone?

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This is just one of the Paranormal Events surrounding
King Solomon's Gate
The first Archaeological Proof of King Solomon's Life