Heavens Silence

Dave's House
New Ipswich
New Hampshire
Oct 13, 2008
Thirty Seven Years after King Solomon's Gate

Ever since I began to connect the dots on these events with the Biblical text I have wondered what it all meant. At first it seemed a conclusive proof of the existence of God based upon the improbability of these events being just disconnected and Random. A divine marker of the first intersection between science and the Biblical text. But its not a God most would want to know, death and destruction permeate most of it. The kind warm fussy things that comfort old people are rare here indeed.

Why does Gacy read passages from the bible as he homosexually rapes and murders his victims. Why do victims such as Godzik look so much like me? I join the Peace Corps, but wind up evacuating people from the Cambodian Killing fields. I move to California to continue a software career in a gentle California hill town, and move in with the real perpetrator in the Unabomber crimes. I am run down by a tow truck in a staged accident by a son of Dickens. I start a computer business to place homeless people and uncover a national scandal of theft of help for the poor. It goes on and on and on. Each one related to the others through a seemly endless series of coincidence and paradox. My visit to see the Pope elected turns into a tale of revelations and Gods hand about to strike.

The picture of humanity that humanity itself has painted throughout my life is not pretty. An endless array of Theft, Murder, and stupidity. I the hapless one, stumbling through life just trying to do good work and be decent to others in a sea of self serving, excessive consumption and vindictiveness.

But why the interconnectedness of it all, if everything seems to be related then it must relate? As I watch world events now it begins to come into focus for me, and the picture is not pretty.

The starting point to unravel things is the events at the Vatican. It is an announcement of Revelations, the start of the clock on the end times. Unabom, the starting point of my revelations, is a government run program to simultaneously grab power and blacken the environmental movement. The son of Dickens works for the Oil companies. The power elite who are rooted in the petrochemical and intelligence industries exploit the power gained through devices such as unabom to stage a series of them that finally culminates in the Iraq War. The ultimate distraction from the needs at hand and the impending eclipse of life on the planet.

The pot on the stove has now begun to boil. As the Republicans were chanting "Drill baby Drill", the Gas vents of Methane were at that moment boiling to the surface of the newly iceless arctic expanses. The science gives us twenty years before the heat extinguishes life as we know it. The last time this happened, (the Permian-Triassic extinction) it killed everything including the insects. It took life 100 million years to reestablish itself.

We are living in a World without consequence. There will be no one to remember us. If we wrote our story in stainless steel, by the time someone evolved to read it, it would be unrecognizable. The impetus for decency must now only come from within.

According to science life automatically generates under the right conditions. If life is an automatic feature of certain landscapes why is it not "out there"? Why do we get not answers to our queries, why are the heavens silent?

Life's evolutions across the universe is an inefficient process that leaves unused energy behind as a byproduct. By the time life evolves to the point where it can "send a signal", it has already figured out how to harness this energy for its own uses. It is like a teenager on a motorcycle with the sudden influx of free calories. Wheeeeeee ! By the time life figures it out, it is too late. We evolved to the point where we could send a signal 50 years ago. In twenty we will be gone and silent. The probability of life "out there" contacting us has to include the factor of a 100 year time frame. The heavens are silent because they, the ones capable of sending such a signal, are dead. And now we set upon the path to follow in the mode for the same reasons.

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