Hmong United Liberation Front
Mr. Chuhu Xiong, President
to the
U.S. Congressional Forum on Laos
December 13, 2001
Rayburn House Office Building
U.S. Congress
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Chair, The Lao People Democratic Republic's (LPDR) ethnic war and ethnic cleansing has been going on against the Hmong people for 40 years--since 1961 to 2001. The LPDR has been using all kind of weapons, Chemical warfare, and Vietnamese troops to destroy the Hmong minority in Laos.

Our Capital City of Long Cheng, has been completely destroyed to the ground. This long LPDR Ethnic war cleansing, has killed more then 200,000 Hmong lives and caused more then 300,000 Hmong fleet the country. There are more then 60,000 Hmong have been hiding in the Jungle of Mount Phoubia and 50,000 Hmong Refugees still remains in Thailand has no where to go.

Today, Mr. Khamtay Syphandone and his top General Asang Laoly has currently using two Vietnamese Regional Armies and Six LPDR Regional Armies to eliminate the Hmong innocent people at the Saysomboun Special Zones. We demand the United States and the United Nation to stop this killing immediately. Using international Vietnamese Troops to eliminate the Hmong is in violation of International Laws. Therefore, we are asking the United Nation and the World Communities to support Hmong United Liberation Front to assist this matter, and to fight for self-determination.

The United Liberation Front has no choice but to resist, to defend, to protect, to fight for freedom, to liberate our home land, to fight for self determination, and to become independence. We want to be a member of the United Nations and to be protected by International Law. We will work and cooperate side by side with the US Congress, the United Nations, and the world communities to achieve these goals.

We have been suffered generations after generations. For those that are still living in the jungle and are still fighting for their freedom, all the children have no education. There are many innocent Hmong leaders such as Tou By Lyfong, Ly Teng, Chong Cher Ly, Lor Fong, Boun Her Thao, had been killed by LPDR and arrested Boua Chong Ly, Vue Mai, Yang Va, Boua Yeng Vang, Vam Kou Vang and 3000 political prisoners. We demand release of these political prisoners.

We have been denied position in high government levels such as President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Generals, and Ambassadors.

Hmong has been denied their rights, no movement, no education right, no Citizen right, No business right, no visitation right, and no election right. Everything has been blocked by LPDR one party iron fix rule. The Lao Laws will never protect us. Therefore, we seek protection from the United Nations as soon as possible. Such racism in this country must be eliminated.

The presidency election for 2002 in Laos, has not been recognized, approved and consider as FREE election. We reject their proposals. However, we demand the United States and the United Nation to conduct and monitor the election for 2002. The 2002 election should be postponed for 2003 election. A UN peacekeeping force must be sent to Laos to insure the safety of those Presidency candidates. All political parties must allow observers to monitor all voting activities for voting fraud.

All Laotians within the country and over sea must have the right to become a candidate for any positions from the Village Chief to the Presidency position. We the Hmong United Liberation Front, has a Presidency Candidate (Mr. Bon Xiong) for the up coming elections. All citizens must have their choice to choose their democratic or communist governments and their own president. Therefore, this President must elected by the people and for the people.

The LPDR has failed to develop proper basics needs for it citizens. They depend on outsider to support and develop their country and provide necessary needs for their citizens. Khamtay Syphadone and his regime only run the country for gaining their financial interests. They have no interest on developing the country of Laos and its' people. These are the six corruption leaders of LPDR.

A. Khamtay Syphadone has deposited $221,000,000 at bank of Switzerland, Bank of Australia and bank of Thailand.

B. Sisavath Keobounphanh has deposited $170,000,000 at Bank of Autralia and Bank of Thailand.

C. Bountiem Phetsamay has deposite $110,000,000 at Bank of Australia

D. Nouhak Phounsavanth has deposite $105,000,000 at Bank of Australia and Bank of Thailand.

E. Veuve Thongvinh Phomvihane has deposite $95.5 million at Bank of Thailand

F. Chounlamani Sayasone has deposite $88,000,000 at Bank of Thailand and Bank of Hong Kong.

These political leaders have corrupted and stole $788,500,000 from the Laotians citizens. This is represent 22% of the $3.6 billion loan received from World Bank and Asian Development Bank to develop the country, instead, that left each Laotian owe at least $724. The Laotian people are suffering while their governments are gaining. All Laotian do not need this corruption regime.

Under the United Nation Resolution 1373.We are requested the US, UN, World bank, Asia Development bank to freeze these leaders' assets immediately, and arrest these corrupted leaders to bring into trial at UN corruption tribune.


Chuhu Xiong





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