Elliots New Year Greeting!!!

4606 SW Frontenac, Seattle Wa, 98136
Sept 12, 2015

Unaware of the effect of fumes of lithium meth that the Andrea Murray had spread all around the garage to which I had sought refuge after the first attack, I typed staccato emails of free thought and random associations, one after another after another, long ones, for three hours. All the while playing powerful classical music which they would not understand,...which would confuse and mystify, interspiced with barbs of agressive sound as transmitted aggression for their listening ears. The attack had left me completely out of control and as much under its infuence as they were but without my knowledge or consent. My rapid staccato typing was suddenly interrupted by an email from an old and most valued friend, Archaeologist Elliot Braun. (Note: Elliot is actually the real world counterpart of the Omen II's Bugenhagen).

Sep 12 at 7:50 PM To Dan
How are things. Eliot Braun
Tonight is the start of the Jewish New Year. How and where are you these days?
Eliot L Braun, Ph D Sr. Fellow WF Albright Institute of Archaeological Research Associate Researcher, Centre de Recherche Français de Jérusalem

I immediately fired back a response in my manic state
Dan Sep 12 at 7:54 PM To Eliot Braun
I am having the time of my life and I love you bud


A Somewhat more familiar greeting than Elliot is used to recieving from me :)

But the letter broke my manic activity and caused me to pause and reflect. In the midst of all this craziness, that was a full brakes on - stop - pause - look both ways - and think - message. As I paused at that moment to consider the message, I noticed my left hand was in un-controlled tremor, I realized it was probably stroke and suddenly realized I had been fighting the tremor in the last 30 minutes of the hours of maniacle typing and emailing. I reached for the cell phone, my vision was going and it was really hard to find the three numbers (am told this is a symptom of deadly BP) but I did, 911. When they carried me out in the stretcher my poor heart with its three stents was near tac, my blood pressure was off the charts, and I was babeling non stop nonsense. (See Medical Reports below).

It was the second unsuccessful murder attempt on me in as many days. The insanity of the Meth plaque devouring the Pacific NW had arrived at my door unannounced and unsuspected. The terrifying aspects of the drug which I had been attacked with, which had nearly killed me but for Elliot's interuption of the manic state it induced, began to dawn on me even in the bizzare state of consiousness it had created. Like so many others face to face with this pestilence ( example ), I had not suspected the residues on the door knobs, fixtures, furniture, etc etc that I had been exposed to and damaged by for several months.

This page is being rapdily developed under very difficult circumstances and I am at reduced capacity and still recovering from the attacks, Please bear with the sloppy stuff til I can get it right

The Second Attack

The neighbor called the fire department when she saw smoke coming into her back yard after I opened all the windows and doors. She called back and corrected the address with my address not hers when the fire trucks were two blocks away. The sirens immediately shut off, leaving the longest and erriest silence I have ever heard. The Fire Dept came, without sirens a full five minutes later. The Firemen casually get off the truck and walk up with the demand "Wheres the Smoke".

As I show the firemen the above video and the smoke filling the garage at the end, Meth-head Gang Member Donato comes into the garage, goes directly to the device, picks it up and hands it to them and they promptly, very quickly leave. A total Departure in 30 seconds or thereabouts I would estimate. Why ? I do not know. Three hours later the ambulance hauls me out with a pulse near tac, and DEADLY off the charts blood pressure, babeling nonstop nonsense (see posted ambulance report on site). I have three heart stents. The attack left me with no memory for an extended time. I believe this was at least the second attempt. The laced Smoke Grenade comes into the video at 40.00 minutes. I arrive back from store shortly later. STUPIDLY (rather embarrasing) I walking right into the thick of the smoke and whatever it contained (unknown). It was a particulate heavy, dusty, particle laden smoke, generated from a sputtering spittig incendiary device.

I believe if you time the time from the genade to my arrival it will could tell a lot, they knew exacty when to throw it. Altho my judgement was certainly impared, it will always be my unvarnished opinion that the cop who responded to the call from the park is as dirty as anybodys bad laundry.

Is there a SW Plumbing ID Theft Ring Link ???

See Also http://www.mostwantedhoes.com/

Most Wanted Hoes   Permanent

The Fire Department delay needs to be fully explained and the radio traffic analysed in my opinion based on corruption allegations from people in a position to know, concerning Crips, SW Plumbing AND Seattle Police. I have no idea I am not from here, barely find the place on a map, but thats the word I am getting from non affiliated plumbers in a position to know. It all sure fits with all the red flags I saw as I passed through this nightmare.

Fire Dept 6.05 PM

Fire Dept 6.05 PM

Fire Dept 9.13 PM

I wonder what a cross reference between South West Plumbing and identity theft victims in West Seattle would show. I guess no better place to hide a biker meth dealer than in a plumbing truck eh?

Reports from SW Plumbing Employees and Customers

Andrea Murray - Computer Control Tech

Andrea Murray is listed on mostwantedhoes.com, crimestoppers and many others as a most-wanted violent felon. I called to verify the warrant and was erroniously told it was still in effect. Yahoo. I returned to the neighborhood a few days later and plastered West Seattle with posters. They now claim she served six months on a laundry list of charges including kidnapping, assault with a deadly, etc. and is now magically in Gang Central a revered figure. Details. I am Betting some innocent guy got sold down the river and is now doing time somewhere. mostwantedhoes.com got so many calls from West Seattle they disconnected the phone number I originally called and are now not even up on the web. The link provided comes from the "waybackmachine" archieve of the internet. There apparently are a battery of computer control techniques at the gangs disposal to effectively control the lives of thier targets. Once they get in, they know who you know, what you got, who might come to your aid. A number of the nearly million dollar homes in West Seattle are widely rumored to be funded by Meth - and its natural companion - Identity Theft. Murray's cameo video appearence during the sale of Donato's truck to get back the money he had stole from me (it was hot I didn't know) displays a drug deformed, but still clearly recognizable Andrea Murray through the facial pockmarks common to meth abusers, and the ravages of years of meth abuse and manufacture. My plan was to stay calm, and as I said in the video "take the money and run", but to a different landlord and as far away as I could get, as quick and as stealthy as possible. Confronting a well connected Crip did not seem to be an option.

Donato Rig

Holder of the lease where I had rented office and sleeping space to complete my software startup, which was two weeks from finished when I moved in. During the intial rental interview he seemed frankly very sketchy but also said he would be gone six days a week. He had also responded frankly to my inquiry that he was emphatically NOT gay, but that was after I mentioned I had first last and security in cash. Figured I could put up with just about anything, except getting chased around the kitchen table, for one day a week if it put me 12 minutes from downtown Seattle with all its mobile startup resources. I had looked for a month without luck in Seattles hot market and I was ready to hit the pavement with my dream. But instead, shortly after move in, my project began to deteriorate. I began to seriously worry that age had ended my programming years prematurely. The exposure started early in lower levels, but had a terrible effect on my software abilities. The more errors I fixed, the more I found, the less I understood. I gave him first last and security on move in as promised. Lynea Mannahan, soccer mom type owner, but with numerous long term family ties to South West Plumbing, of an unknown nature, and a very casual relationship with truth, shows up a week later to evict for no rent. I paid. I saw no choice, it could easily take months to find something I could afford near enough to belltown. I had no idea there might be a more extended connections beyond landlord tenant. I was in a hurry, the arctic was already collapsing, and I wanted my app high on google if the world woke up and decided to fight for life. But then $1600 in utility shut offs came right right behind it. By the time the device comes sailing through the window I had no money and no other place to go. Gang Member, Meth Dealer, Identity Thief, Crossdresser, (Prison wife of the Crips leader has been reported by third parties), most importantly, one of the original members of the first group of 4 plumbers to start South West Plumbing. Meth and ID Theft central for the Seattle Area and funded by the crips, and a real life breaking bad beneath the surface. The first thing I noticed about him was despite SW Plumbing Employee of the Year awards, all efforts of a mechanical/carpentry nature looked more like the efforts of a six year old rather than an employed trades professional. But it would be four months before the real trouble started. I saw him maybe one hour a week for the first four months, which is what I had been told to expect, then he tells me he is going in for rehab. Rehab ? I say, for what? Meth he replies. I was delighted, gone for weeks and I would be gone when he got back. But he lasts just a week cause they wouldn't let him listen to music.... Then his Dad died apparently (hard to believe anything from this source), and he returned to be home seven days a week, with Murray in tow.

Lesa Henry

A warm. funny and genuine woman, dominated by the evil that surrounds her. To her and her alone I appologize for the unavoidably neccesary breach of confidentialy.

Lesa Henry identified murrays name very early in emails, and identified her as a meth manufacurer. She is after all married to a leader of the Gang. Significantly, her telephone returns codes that remind me of a Local Area Network. Definately not a standard telfonic endpoint, I believe it connects into Prison facilities somewhere and is a communications channel into the prison system disguised as her personal phone.

Lesa Henry Sep 6 at 10:26 PM
To Dan
She has red hair?
Tell me that's not true! And I think her name is Murray.

Computer Control - The Attack Mechanisim

Gaining control of your computer as the first step toward total control over you is as easy as getting within ten feet of your computer unsupervised and unwatched. The gang member simply slips a low profile thumb drive into a USB slot, to be later retrieved or not. The moment you restart your computer, after the power shutoff for "plumbing reasons", the control program is loaded and from that point on you are no longer in control until you change every password you use from a different computer. I was investigating slow response in the code I was developing when I found a large volume of outgong packets. I noticed when the thumb drive was removed because he forgot to dismiss the dialog warning of improper disconnection. I demanded it back and reinserted it myself without thinking. My judgments in this time period may or may not be reliable. What the packets were I can not say, looked like a keylogger to me, but its a guess.

Lithium Meth when left around your house in flakes will go aerosol and leave you erratic, confused and helpless to defend yourself, particularly if you wind up trying to defend yourself in the presence of a dirty cop. I believe this was the situation I faced in Lincoln Park the evening of Sept 10, after the first attack. But I was rescued by an insistant medic who would not relent on transporting me to the hospital and temporary safety. (An Irishman of course :)). Of all the horrors I have seen from Abel to Gacy, the memory of watching Murray walk around the garage is at this point the worse. She demanded entrance supposedly to remove some of her stuff, she walked around grinding on shears with a rock I thought. I called her on it as a threat, thinking she was obviously sharpening the shears as a threat. She was actually carving off flakes all around me to add to the impact of the meth bomb. They both were well aware of my history with three heart attacks. Again, dumbly, I said several times, "meth would probably kill me" in conversations after Donato had said he was going to Meth Rehab. So I have this memory of this horrible woman walking around the garage actively trying to murder me while having a challenging and hostile conversation. Yuck.

Possible indications of Police links

First extended police Interview Sept 10 about 11 PM, after my attendance at the annual PNW Software conference opening. It was conducted on the deserted streets of Belltown with patrol men and a supervisory person present. The Interview was recorded on Police Vehicle cameras. What I consider to be clear attempts on my life began immediately afterward when I got home.I ONLY TALKED TO THE COPS AND 911, the coincidence in light of widespread neighborhood rumour was a little hard to ignore. I called from a phone borrowed from a doorman and subsequently told him all. The sudden dramatic shift did not feel like a coincidence. The three officers who responded, however, appeared to be of the highest caliber. Both beat Cops treated me with respect and courtesy. The Supervisor who showed up was perceptive and left the impression of a fair, in the vernacular, righteous... man, of substantial ability. I was left with the impression we were on the same side and somehow my battle parrelled his, in things beyond my situation.

Description of Attacks

All related medical documents are available at harborview upon request by anyone. I declare any and all records related to me in these incidents to be public and reject any privacy claims. The hospital has been instructed to issue them upon any request.

Medical Document
Seven Medical Documents on Ambulance
Woman Identified

Donato in Drag showing off his nose and identical profile to the painting character just before everything exploded. We discussed it once when Murray was over (always enjoyed her company greatly), and I was being politic and trying to get out of the situation unsuccessfuly. He was much impressed, since it was just after a series of really spooky coincidences in the house, and he spotted the uncanny similarities in appearance of all involved.

Brief Summary,... More to come, spirtual mumbo jumbo stuff, and lots of it.

Nighthawks painting was a revered item in the Rigs household, he brought it back with Murry in tow after his Dad Died. It is also the cover of my personal Diary and had numerous links to my time as a programmer at the Art Insitiute of Chicago where it resides and I worked. It is tied up with some very wierd stuff at the museum involving child abuse by a revolting coworker programmer I had to endure there and a half man half beast sculpture that was the center of a major scandal at that time. (one of many not yet recorded, in this case the connections/significance are not yet apparent) (still working some of this out). Upon close examination you will discover that the couple is a dead wringer for Donato and Murray, and the bartender a ringer for the SW Pluming chair you see in local ads and Bill Boards in Seattle these days (heavier now). The Solitary figure is described as "Menacing",... never thought of myself that way but guess it would fit from some points of view. Nighthawks was also the name of the movie Dettling showed to Doug Gondor and I before he was murdered in Unabom.

Just before I arrived Donato had broken a cherished porcelin clown figure. He modified it, painting a face on the item the clown was carrying. Spooked me right off being a Gacy survivor, a clown carrying a decapitated bloody head. I commented to Henry "I think this means Donato is going to Kill me",.. and we both laughed. Got it wrong hopefully, altho my health is still very rough a year later.

At least I got the front yard Garden in pretty good shape. It was all chocked weeds and dying bushes when I arrived. I noticed I always felt better stopping programming for a few hours to garden so I did a lot of it. (But never realized it was cause I was out of the fumes)


Upon moving in I was delighted to discover my neighbor was a Man I had known casually and admired for 20 years. I had been buying Frozen Sockeye salmon in 50 pound units from him for years, sometimes in Seattle, or Flown to Denver, or Boston or wherever I was at the time. He was a prominent environmental activist in Seattle and his wife Hing was a scientist with Noah with whom I had discussed the coming Environmental apocalypse numerous times over twenty years. When it all went South the Neighbors were all terrified, think they may have been that way long before I arrived. I overheard Pete tell hing "this is going on all over the place and no one is stopping it" (Meth, SW Pluming Id Theft etc, house takeovers etc). In a panic I went to him for help to get me out of there and he locked to Door to his car in my face and drove off. While my behavior was probably quite bizzare by now, due to the chemicals, I would have thought a twenty year association would be worth at least a ride. The plumber on the other side, and the source of much (but far from all) of my information on the crips and SW Plumbing was destroyed by the events. When I snuck back a month after Rigs departure to return the internet puck he had loaned me to help out, he fearfully discussed things trough a crack in the door. Burgled five times in a row, targeted by the Gang, he was about to run and walk on the house apparently. A truely decent man, and the only one to offer any help to me. Guilty only of talking to much and spilling the Gangs secrets to openly and whom I referenced in talking with Seattle Police. My sincere appologies.

The "Hot Truck" I tried to sell for Donato to get my money back and get out. A couple came by with cash to buy it, and I made a deal with him to literally just quickly toss all my belongings into the truck and drop me at a storage facility. I was going to keep the cash and forget the rest of it I was owed and run like hell. As his wife was counting out hundreds he saw something fishy in the paperwork, and we both thought it good to take it to the DMV. Turned out it was not the title to the truck, worthless paper and I would have been the quilty one. The couple in the transaction did a video a video record of the sale minutes earlier (posted).

Instincts tell me there is another chapter to this one coming, hopefully its SW Pluming in the News.

Reports from SW Plumbing Employees and Customers

The Aftermath

This all used to be a lot of fun when the bullets flew, the body's piled up, and I always waltzed off unfazed and celebrating my good fortune. Since Megiddo Events have not been so cavilier. When I was released from the Hospital I walked straight down the hill and on to a Ferry to Bremerton with just my wallet and the clothes on my back. Whatever happened I was not myself for an extended period of time. My heart rate stayed dangerously, scarily high, my behavior was irratic. My memory was non existanct. Conversations with strangers were as bizzare as me asking their name, or introducing myself six times in a row. I bought a sleeping bag and spent several weeks sleeping in fields as a homeless man. Long way from Intel programmer to homeless waife. Guess thats what happens you are arrogant enough to try to save the world to the exclusion of all other priorities (solomonschariot). Donato knew and knows where all the bodies are buried. If they get their hands on him, they will easily roll up the whole ball of wax. For about a month I was quite lost, then got lucky and social services put me into Benedict transitional housing for the homeless. May God Bless them, even if they do violate the first commandment. With regular sleep I began a long slow recovery which continues to this day. My ability to learn new stuff was decimated, altho it has returned with absurd amounts of effort, its still way harder than it used to be.

With the methane discharge underway, Armaggeddon begun but not yet widely recognized, the pace has not slackened. Another event, with some pain, appears to be already underway. If the Hezekiah Sennacherib passages, with I was reading the moment this one started, which hit me like a bolt, plays out, and it turns into an event, the documentation steps already taken for another purpose.... well lets just say it could be interesting. The signs are all there, but so far its just an obscure and taudry disturbance, time will tell. It will be up to God to put the punctuation point on this one.