The Roar of the Beast

Business Link Communications
312 5th Ave, NY, NY
Aug 1, 1990

Sitting at the terminal in the dispatch room I was intently working the problem, lost in thought in a world of Helix database tiles. Chili was fumbling with papers, Jim Lawton out back working on his Postscript scripts, Todd Melet in the front office scheming as usual and Deborah at her Desk in the Front office. Sitting on the ledge of the window overlooking fifth avenue a Television silently flickered. It was behind a wall, around a corner and across the office from me. I was not yet aware of its existance.

Suddenly I was startled out of a deep concentration by a pervasive spectral roar. I jumped back from the terminal in a near state of panic and cried to Chili the dispatcher "What was that !

Ignoring his puzzled look I scurried to the back of the dipatch room, through the door and around the corner, shouting in a panic at Deb "What in gods name was that? Deb rose from her desk with yet another puzzled look. Todd came running from his office with a "whats going on" "whats going on"?

I walked toward the roar, discovering that it seemed to be coming from a little black and white television set sitting on the window. It made no sense. Such a little harmless thing could not produce the sound I was hearing. It panicked my very being. Then I looked at the picture. This uterly horrible ceature passed accross the screen from left to right. A Man beast with a face covered with shiny black hair and dog like eyes.

"Don't you hear it" I asked the puzzled assembledge? Deb queried "hear what" as she reached down to turn up the sound. The small TV's sound had been turned all the way down. The announcement of Sadams invasion was playing, the harsh tones of the announcer seem normal and calming to me even tho the news was obviously bad news to all who listened.

I watched the announcment repeatedly over the next few hours and days as it was replayed over and over again. The shiny black hair of the Man Beasts face slowy gave way over each viewing to the face of Sadam and the roar slowy faded to inaudibility. I queried a few others if they could hear the sound as the news replayed the clip, then decided descretion was the better choice.

It was the only bonified "halucination" I have ever had in over fifty years on the planet. Odd it would be on a film clip of Sadam returning from personally mass murdering Iranian solders. Odder still it would be on the day he upset the worlds applecart, August 1st of course, a days who's effects continue to roll on in wave after wave of events, and oddest of all that it would be out of site and hearing... a room away, around a corner and across an office.

Documentary Sources:Todd Melet Owner Business Link Communications, 312 5th Ave NYC, James Lawton Postscript Programmer, Deborah (Unknown), Misc Other Employees

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