Nathan R Note Announced

An ad for Pride's company which ran on the Back Cover of "Hospitals and Health Networks" hangs over the Juke box in the "Bank Bar", Saratoga Ca, ...Dettling's Regular Bar. The Sunset photo was taken by Bar owner Jim Sullivan. He hung it in the most prominent spot in the bar the same day the Nathan R note was delivered to the New York Times in New York. The Magazines publication date of June 20, 1993 is also coincidentally the same day the Nathan R letter was mailed. The  note was mailed in a postal box late at night and postmarked the next morning [Houston Chronicle] on June 21, 1993. (See below)
The ad's headline says
"The Sun has just set on Everyone Else's Physician Referral Program"
...a rather interesting headline if you think about it and the circumstances :)

The Ad was designed by Jim Hurdle of New York. Formerly my boss at RCA records. An advertisers copy of the Magazine was delivered about a week early which I gave to Jim Sullivan as a "Thanks" for the free use of his African Sunset photo. He had it framed and hung it over the Juke box days later.

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Documentary Sources: James Hurdle RCA Records NYC, Jim Sullivan Owner Bank Bar Saratoga Ca, Archives of the Hospital and Health Networks Publishing Chicago Ill, Numerous Books and News articles which discuss the Nathan R note and its "unknown" author.

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