Full Personal Biography

Born 1952 Mercy Hospital Portland Me to Byron and Barbara Pride  05/xx/52

1952-5    Family resided on Main St Westbrook in the residence building of B.G. Pride Coal and Oil Inc.

1955-61 Family Resided on 71 Lunt Road, Falmouth Maine. Family traveled extensively visiting National Monuments, Jamestown, Gettysburg etc, Attended the Lunt School. Childhood friends included James Maxfield, Doug Means, Scott McCubrey, Byron K McCubrey. Enrolled in the Portland Academy of Fine arts for Ballet and Tap ages 9-15.

Early childhood years were spent at Sebago Acres resort in Standish Maine, owned and run jointly by my parents, uncle, aunt and grandparents. When I was about three or four years old a massive lightning strike on our house caused a large rolling ball of chain lightning to come down the staircase, and out the door. I stood directly in its path and the large ball of flame approached within a foot or two, circled around me, in a half circle arc, and then continued, resuming its prior path right out the door. An oft repeated story witnessed by several and never forgotten except by me. I have only the vaguest memory of it.*

1961-68 Family Resided on 312 Blanchard Road, Cumberland Center Maine. Attended Greeley Jr. High  school grades 5-8 National Rifle Association expert Marksman at NRA Range Falmouth/Cumberland. Canoed Allagash Wilderness in summer of 1966 with a group from Telos lake to Fort Kent Family moved to Range Road Cumberland Center from 1968-1973. Most summers spent either at Sebago lake/Sebago Acres or at the Cumberland Race Track as groom for my fathers race horses. Farm purchased from the Frye Family.  Deb Frye (Yarmouth PD) and Roddy Frye, the Butlers, Joel Shorey, Steve Berry, Arthur, Steve Omaro, Susan Anderson,  Doug Moody, others. Rose from Kennebunkport.

Attended North Yarmouth Academy Preparatory Yarmouth Maine 1966-1970 graduating Valedictorian in 1970.  Numerous awards including outstanding member of Junior and Senior Classes, Payson Prize, Bausch and Lomb Award etc. Special teachers included George Reed, Jim Richardson, Bill Graves, Mr Francis, Littlefield and Walter Allison for the Math set basis of my computer career, Ted Louse for character, Jackie Reinsboro for politics, and for history Flaherty's Irish skepticism sticks with me still (Thanks). (Ref: Vaughn: NYA Bulletin)

Attended Allegheny College 1970-74 Meadville. Pa.  Elected president of Student Government in 1972-73 and again in 1973-4 defeating former US Patent Commissioner Q Todd Dickinson (See Last Sentence and GRAPHIC :)) both times (See Ref Allegheny Alumni bulletin: Pride and Dickinson). John Hellerstedt VP 72-3 (became M.D. Texas). John Schumacher VP 73-4 (became a Minister?). Served as National Student Association Pennsylvania Chairman 1974 appointed by Larry Friedman U.S.N.S.A. president. Active in anti-war movement most closely associated with V.V.A.W. Aux. Travel to Israel in 1971 and again in 1973 to work on Hebrew Union College Archaeology dig at Tel Gezer  near Ramalah Israel working as a digger/laborer on the Biblical Solomonic Gate at Gezer, the cistern in 73 excavating the grave of an Egyptian Princes (a pivotal, oddly life changing event). Gezer was administered by William Dever of the University of Arizona. Allegheny Chaplin Don Hobson organized a group which included Lorraine Rohlik, Clair Hartwig, Jay Berkman, Howie, Rob, others. Hitchhiked extensively across US to Anti-war rallies 72-4, TL Hewitt, Rob Nebling, John Moulton, Dave Goldman, Tom Mathesson, Bob Case. Residences: 344 Ravine E with Bruce Gavett and Bill Cissna, 348 Ravine Hall E with Fran Rivette, 201 Allegheny Hall, 617 Randolph St 1st with Phil Loar., 621 Randolph with Lyde Van Skoy, Bob Clark, Rob Smith, Joyce Whitaker special otrs. Caflish Honor suite, North St above TV shop with Dave Recht crk, (Numerous Solomonic Gezer Artifacts (out of situ) left here). Lutheran Hostel (Jerusalem). Philadelphia briefly with Lorraine Rohlik. Special Teachers included Dr knights, Dean Regan, Dean Helmreich, President Pelletier, Chaplin Don Hobson, Dr Julius. (Soc 02 Attitudinal Transformations my candidate for best course).

Left Allegheny in Spring of 1974 to Join the Peace Corps station in Belize. Project was a C.A.R.E. farming assistance project ranging from Black Mans Eddy to Belmopan administrated by Dr Cal. Residence was a typical inch board on 2x4 stilts with a tin roof house on the right side of the dirt road before the pop stand in Black Mans Eddy. Friends included Cardinal Lemot and Solomon Jones and a nearby volunteer named Harvey from Hawaii.  Authored extensive economic analysis document for the project for C.A.R.E. Belize. Project was canceled in 7th month due to extensive drought resulting in a transfer through Washington DC to Peace Corps Thailand. Arrived in-Country 1975. Trained in Lompoc assigned to Chang Rai agricultural assistance project working with Hmong, Akha, Yao and Burmese hill tribes in the Ching San, Mae Jon, and Mae Sai agricultural districts in the Golden Triangle along both the Burmese and Lao boarders. Residence was Mae Jon village then Chang Rai Colonial hotel after increasing guerilla activity made continued residence in Mae Jon unsafe. .

Left Peace Corps in-country  in 1976 to work for International Committee for European Migration (I.C.E.M.) evacuating Cambodian, Hmong (Meo) and Lao Hill tribes from refugee camps on the Thai Lao boarder. Responsible for the evacuation by bus of 3000 refugees from the Ampur Loei refugee camp on the Mekong River. Each refugee with all seven Transport, Visa, and World Health Organization papers and photos. Arranged transport in conjunction with Jerry Daniels formerly of Air America for refugees by bus from  Loei to the Bangkok evacuation center. Became a personal friend of Col Ly Teng, brother in Law of Gen Vang Pao. Teng's wife, Vang Pao's sister knitted a cross stitch for me. The I.C.E.M. (International Committee for European Migration) program was administered by Corvalier, formerly of the Chilean Refugee Evacuation. During clerical work at the Nong Kai office I worked next to a former AID Cambodia director. I was intensely proud years later to see my former boss Lionel Rosenblatt on CNN playing Paul Revere in the Hutu Tuzi massacre in Rwanda, telling the authorities in no uncertain terms to get with it and get with it now.

Left Thailand in 1976 working my way overland to Paris, France through Burma, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia arriving in Barcelona Spain Christmas 1977. Moved to Munich Germany and began working as a Driver for Iranian and Lebanese entrepreneurs taking caravans of cars from Munich overland to Teheran and on one occasion Beirut (Ton and a half truck for the Syrian army). Trips were arranged on an ad hoc basis in among patrons of the Munich Hauptbanhof coffee shop. Extensively traveled the back roads of Greece and the alleys of Istanbul during this period with a crazy New Zealand Chess Champion.  In Munich closely associated with a conscientious objector group of leftist students who worked out their service in the Munich International Youth Hostel, administer at the time by Heir Meilinger. Dieter(?) Reinhart and a Lady named Gail from Canada were my friends at this time. He was a Jazz Pianist from a rich family from Garmish outside Munich, she was from Montreal.

Returned to Meadville in 1978 Attending Allegheny college to complete coursework for BA left undone to my extensive involvement in the student activities, the student movement and the anti-war effort. It seemed like a foreign country. Resided 815 Randolph 2nd. Things didn't go well, told John Hellerstadt about Cambodia a year ahead of Killing fields movie and he never forgot it.

Left Allegheny College in 1978 hitch hiking to Bozeman Montana through Chicago in the second week of June... via the southern arterial  to join my family in a small business endeavor running an auction house in Bozeman Montana from 1978-80. Trained as an auctioneer at Kansas City Auctioneers school.. Prides Gallatin Valley Auction House was located on frontage road, Bozeman Mt. Family business did auctions for a number of estates in Bozeman. Employees included Gary France,  Ellen Woodbury, othrs. Wrote hundreds of pickup slips for estates etc  Rented an office in the Bozeman Hotel, began researching and designing computerized goods marketing system ala an early e-bay.

Moved to Billings Montana in 1980 to raise a private placement stock offering for a computer company through DA Davidson Inc. of Great Falls resulting in the formation of American Computer Network Inc. in Billings Mt in 1981 (capitalization $600,000). Served as Corporation President until the company failed on its third round of financing as a result of the Denver Penny stock market crash. Board members included Phil Boggio VP D.A. Davidson, Charley McCartney CPA, Dr. Mitchell Specter PHD MIT Computer science at age of 21, Dr. Bill Moore, chairman U of M Computer Science Dept,  Bozeman. Moved in with employee Diane Auer and son John

Moved to 554 1/2 Ward St, Queen Anne District, Seattle Washington  in 1980, with Diane Auer/Dawson and her son John. Mother (Dawson) resided in Billings Johns father Dave Auer in Bellingham. Diane and John had been in the commodore messenger org group within Scientology for a dozen years. John was personal assistant to L. Ron Hubbard for a time. We both became active in Seattle Cult Deprogramming activities (me First) for a period of about a year. The hook of "You can't exercise mind control on a maniac because the heart of mind control is the following of rules with a faulty base and a maniac is by definition unstable and incapable of permanent  transformation of rule and thus a maniac" was obvious to me if not to Ted. In other words, if you can be brainwashed...you are by almost mathematical definition "sane".....ooops. :) His final "Wait a minute I didn't bomb anyone statement" came within  months of that alt.fan.unabomber  post (I wonder :)). I guess its all about communications in the end. Only one or two news outlets noted Kaczynski's'  "wait a minute I didn't bomb anybody statement" in stories about the appeal.

Relocated to San Francisco by motorcycle down the costal highway.  Began working the venture startup specialists to finance the redesigned American Computer Network. While doing the round of venture capitol companies attempting a "Reg D" stock offering 4.0M, was involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in broken jaw (4 places) and a 50% compression fracture of the lumbar one in San Francisco. Bad Timing, odd circumstances and strange coincidences. Treated at San Francisco general. Resulting lawsuit conducted through Kent Russell esq, San Francisco. Friend rendered assistance in the name of Charlie Daniels, New Age moving,  while recouping in half body cast and full jaw wire. Records from the lawsuit were retrieved and searched by Russell and again by Mail Boxes etc Polson Mt. prior to my gaining custody of the records. Weirdly, every handwritten witness statement was there in the records, except the handwritten statement describing my injuries which I remember writing. This situation seems to be recurring in other attempts to retrieve handwriting samples.

Moved to Maine to convalesce with family members living in Raymond Maine on little Sebago lake. Family is originally from "Prides Corner" Me . Dr Painter was the legal physician for the suit.

Moved to Boston, working as a cab driver nights for the Town Taxi cab company serving Back Bay, Dorchester and Roxbury for six months. Started a new career in Real Estate working in the Real Estate rental markets in Brighton, Cambridge and Brookline for Wilkinson Real Estate. Passed the Real Estate Brokers exam and started Pride Realty of Boston specializing in computer screening and placement of homeless and welfare housing certificates in the Section-8 program. The pioneering software dominated the housing markets in Dorchester and Roxbury for several years and became politically controversial. The generation of external  recordkeeping done by the database exposed patterns of irregularity in government housing funds and when examined by the Boston Herald resulted in the "Boston Welfare Motel housing scandal" of 1988 in which officials of both the Metropolitan Housing Authority and the Boston Housing Authority went to Federal Prison. The incident was regarded as a major embarrassment to Dukakis. It was estimated that 1/3 or more of the 6.0M homeless housing funds were being skimmed by Mafia Motel owners and corrupt local housing officials. Pride Realty of Boston worked closely with the local NAACP and local ministers and placed hundreds of federal section 8 leases for truly deserving homeless and low income families. Lease copies would be a treasured document by some beneficiaries. It was featured in a two page spread in the Boston Phoenix Newspaper in late Nov of 1988. The company was run by myself and Alison Hammond formerly of E 57th st in NYC. Leases after 1987 were computer generated after I got the form programmed into the database. Early attempts to stimulate the Phoenix author, Sean Flynn, to pursue the handwriting on the leases appears to have been unsuccessful. Landlords involved included Jeff Roche, Jane Miller esq., Colm Meany, Kevin Ryan, and many others active in Dorchester Roxbury Real Estate in the late 1980's. Ill advisedly purchased Real Estate in Roxbury from Ryan at Great loss. Primary entertainment in this period centered around Bunratty's bar on Harvard Ave in Brighton, Friends in this period included Gypsy Blanchette,  local  figure John Messina,  A J Wachtel of Beat Magazine, currently still (2001) of the Boston Literary scene.

The success of the Computer realty concept was ultimately based on the excessive damage factors included in section-8 leases which could be highly profitable when filled with universally good, but poor minority tenants often with strong church affiliations and good but limited credit. Pride Realty provided a link between the Real Estate Development community and the Black Community Leadership to dramatically expand available housing stock in Roxbury. As the scandal peaked in the headlines, the Boston Housing Authority emergency canceled its outstanding unsigned leases and all certificates. In the three years they had gone from returning 80% of the lease slots as unused to being oversubscribed. No more leases. The dominance of the computer selection system in low income housing in inner city Boston in 1988, and the impossibility of chronic problem tenants getting into housing, created a backlash among certain gang entities which can best be summarized by quoting one call precisely "yo gonna get my mama an patment o I gonna come up dere (1353 Beacon st #2, Brookline Mass) em kick yo ass". One part of reorienting the balance of power in the community vis-a-vie housing stock. When included with the obvious anger of the Patriaca Crime family at the loss of over 2 million in now dilapidated Motel Revenues (Thanks John), a change of milieu seemed like a good idea.

Relocated to New York City joining Allison Hammond and started database consulting out of ads in the New York Times.

* When I wrote the Nathan R note I was leaning over a desk reaching out to write on an envelope which resided upon the VanPac bomb box copy (I still wonder what was in it). The pen did not work so I could not see what I wrote. When you can not see what your writing you return to the writing of your earliest days (Try writing without looking and you will see what I mean). Therefore the earlier the writing the closer the match.

Last Wishes - that everything I own and all data pertaining to me be in the public domain.
All my Emails be released and generally available to anyone bored enough to read them. That Bob Clark in Washington State be notified !
That the piece of Solomons Gate with fingerprints in my possession be donated to the Allegheny Pelletier library
with a special request that one of the Bathroom urinals be named "the Helmreich".

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*Date Coincidences just keep getting more and more and more interesting and wild. I am wondering if the lightning could have a time relationship with Yadins discovery of the Gate at Hazor in 1955 or 1956. Just a wild guess, no idea how to see if such a relationship even could have existed. But the event was so extraordinary, after years of this stuff, just kind of makes me wonder.

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