Baptisims of the First Church of Beverly Pre 1710 Page 21
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26 Families Beverly: 30 Maine: 6

Joanna BalshNo Records
Nemiah WoodberryNo Records
Martha Bond Concord Mass
John Stone Beverly
Mark Haskell Beverly
John Haskell Beverly
Roger Haskell New Bedford,
Nathaniel ClarkBeverly Essex
Sarah ClarkMarblehead, Essex
Nicholas OberHancock, Maine
William BradfordBeverly Essex
Josiah HaskellBeverly
Robert DodgeBeverly
Rebecca DodgeBeverly
Daniel CorningHartford, Connecticut
Mihel DodgeHamilton Essex
Margret ClevesBeverly
Edward TraskBeverly
Elizabeth HaskelBeverly Essex
William WoodberryBeverly Essex
Judith WoodberryBeverly Essex
John PrideFalmouth Maine
William PrideFalmouth Maine
Peter PrideFalmouth Maine
Joseph PrideFalmouth Maine
Mary PrideFalmouth Maine
Elizabeth PrideFalmouth Maine
William CleavesBeverly Essex
Elizabeth Herrick*Beverly Essex
Samuel HaskinsGloucester Essex
Sarah HorrellUnion, Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Bridget HorrellNo Record
Cornielius BalshNo Records
Susana WoodberryNo Records
Mary Herrick Beverly Essex
Martha Conant Monroe County, NY