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Full Background Story

Two years ago, the British Parliament released Lord Pride’s 1658 Will on the Web. In it, he left 4,000 British Pounds Sterling to his fifth-born son Joseph Pride who settled Prides Corner as a fugitive two years later in 1661. In 1968, two hunters from Windham found 300 Coins in a half-melted lump in Suckfish Brook at Highland Lake. The unaccounted for 3700 pounds sterling would be worth $234 Million Dollars if calculated at recent auction valuations as a rare coin. All the same or different types of pound sterling coins is unknown, but its a lot of money in any case.

Lord Pride had become fabulously wealthy as a supplier of lumber and building materials used to build the British Fleet and the beer, victuals and supplies to sustain it throughout the 1650's. Lord Pride, a commander of soldiers of foot, was so central to the British Navy Establishment that he was to be named Commander of the Entire Fleet if Admiral Blake had not survived the fever in 1653. In 1649, the year of the execution, he purchased the entire Nonsuch Forest for shipbuilding materials for the fleet, and immediately stripped it of 6000 trees in a few years. It was likely his crews of puritan civil war veterans that began the harvest of Duck Ponds old growth in the early 1650's. Duck Pond masts were the lowest hanging fruit and Masting had really taken off in the 1640's. In 1652 there was a Naval Mast crisis resulting from the Baltic crisis of 1652-53. The fleet dispatched its own Mast ships to meet the emergency, likely crewed by the experienced and available lumberjacks from the Lord Prides recently denuded Nonsuch Forest. They returned every year for a decade before the Mast Agent system began.

Whomever cut it, Highland Lake Masting created safe, extremely remote, cleared land of the finest farming quality, functional transport both out for lumber and masts and in for supplies, not to mention 1000 pounds of silver coins. Masting was done in winter and would require wells to water the animals and work crews involved, hovels for the Oxen, and thrown up lodgings for the crew. Assuming the area was already fully masted and vacant in 1661, as seems very likely, it would have made the perfect hideout for the most wanted man in the world in 1661.

There are no records of such a vast fortune ever being spent here or in the UK.

Many Local Residents heard the tale in the 1960's.
It was the talk of the town.

(Silver Tales of 7 Witnesses)

(Silver Tales of 7 Witnesses)

$500.00 Reward for Photos, Documents, or other proof
or just the Hunters Identity if living, $200.00 if deceased.

The hunt begins with Spring
Please respond if you want to participate or heard about the 60's find.
I don't do social media anymore, I worked in Silicon Valley, you should quit too !
Detectors will share the detectors pool of 10%.

Pride descendants get priority.
No felons allowed.


Email: DanPride@Gmail.com
Note:I always respond same day, but reception can be problematic so text or call if no response

*Because Thomas Pride was a member of the
House of Lords his will is an official document of the
National Archives of the United Kingdom.
This is not some Oak Island bullshit fantasy.

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Contract Offers

Landowner are offered five choices of contracts.
Offers will be made in sequential order as properties are searched.
Contracts are for electronic search only and include a $100.00 payment
per each exploritory 8" post hole dug and refilled. (Only 1 expected).

The Landowner with the Goods gets to choose the actor that plays him in the movie ;)
Landowners are welcome to double dip as Detectors if their land is registered with the project, have approved equipment and pass training (This way, if its on your neighbors land you still get a piece !). Searches require about 4 hours per acre depending on terrain.

StandardWe find we split
$1000We pay to search, Keep it if we find it
Foundation Funds go to the Highland Lake Assn (HLA) and the Joseph Pride Foundation.
Taste*We each take a million, Ten to the HLA and the Balance to the Joseph Pride Foundation (not Uncle Sam).
Bigger TasteFirst 20% split, 10% to the Lake Assn, the rest to the Joseph Pride Foundation (not Uncle Sam).

Standard Contract Template