St Pauls Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral

The Two Noahs and the Tsunami

Seattle Washington
July 11, 2004 6:01 PM
Thirty Three Years after King Solomon's Gate

When does coincidence become meaning ?

Just before the Christmas Sunami of 2004, I worked for Noah Dykovsky and a firm called Arkware... and just after for good measure, for another Noah, Noah Swiler at Now Data in nearby Burnsville. When I left Seattle for the contract at Arkware, I noted the name and told several friends at the Bike Shop (PedalDynamics) that the way things have been happening around me this is undoubtedly going to turn into "another one". Get ready for a flood, I said... only half joking. I daydreamed of a giant wave washing over our house nearly a half mile above the Seattle Bay, but of course I daydream of many things, and if you start out with Noah and Arkware, the choices of daydreams are actually quite limited. Being somewhat familiar with the history of these events by then however, I made a point of mentioning it to many.

At the very moment that I decided to take the position in Minneapolis, ( News   Booking Record ) a bolt of lightning struck St Pauls in Minneapolis and silenced the bells for months. By the time they rung again I was watching the election of Pope Benedict, and lightning struck St Peters twice when he resigned. Unaware of, and unconcerned with its occurrence during my first random drive around town to look Minneapolis over, I was inexorably drawn to the Grand Cathedral. I somehow felt it had some ill defined importance for me. I walked in Circles around the Giant Cathedral for more than an hour, completely enthralled. Its walls look just like the walls of Jerusalem. Upon arriving home I discovered I had been enthralled by the very building that was struck and whose bells were silenced. My stay in Minneapolis was of course dominated by the Death (Silence) of John Paul.

I went to the Vatican for the Habemus Papam altho I am not Catholic, driven by an inexplicable repeating dream of being Named Pope myself, as absurd and humorous as that thought seemed to me, my actions were driven by curiosity and a vague anticipation. Anticipation which ultimately placed me front and center on Most TVs in the world the very Moment they announced Habemus Papam. Another receding shot, eerily reminiscent of the Solomonic Gate shot in Digging for the Truth

The Christmas I send a card that ultimately gets me the FBI 302 report I had sought for years on the Nathan R note, Nathan Cheatham (CHEAT HIM) decides to do an unpleasant Christmas Day dance on his family. How much of this stuff makes the grade or is it possible for a grade or a pass in Logic to be achieved with such parable. Is there anything beyond humor when a Man with a Jealous wife just happens to be named "Bobit"? Why is the horror spotlighted by a Gacy Victim name of "Butkovich". Is there evidence of God in Godzik? Or is there evidence of God in all of it?

The Press of course plays a selection role in a Bobit, selection from dozens or even hundreds of similar crimes. But, wait a minute. Has the reader notice the sheer number read here? There really isn't a selection factor to speak of here, nothing to match annual tolls of dozens of unknown memberless Smith's and Jones's.

Is it just some inner common sense we share that tells us what matters and what doesn't? Is meaning achievable and definable by the probability of normal ? How much or how many exceptional circumstances proves a crime? What does it take to tally up to God?

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Documentary Sources: Employment records of the firms Arkware Inc, Edina Mn and NowData Burnsville, Mn. 4th Dimension Developers Noah Dykovsky and Noah Swiler, Dean Sabol proprietor of Pedal Dynamics Seattle Wa, Email and Booking Records of, numerous public records of the Lightning strike on St Pauls Cathedral, Minneapolis July 11, 2004.

This is one of the Thirty Three incredible stories surrounding the discovery of
King Solomon's Gate
The first Archaeological Proof of the Bible in history