The Strangeness of it All
Coincidences or Mathematical Proofs of God?

As the Bismarck and the Hood began to exchange shells, His mate said to Ted Brigs "Remember the Exeter...only one survived".  Ted Brigs responded that if there were to be a single survivor it would be him. Moments later he was one of only three of 1415 sailors who survived the Hoods explosion. When he laid the plaque to commemorate the sailors in 2004 he was indeed the single survivor.

The first shots of the Civil war were fired from Wilmer McClain's front yard. Disgusted at the human carnage of the battle of Bull Run that filled his yard in the hours that followed, Wilmer McClain removed himself and his family to Appomattox, sure the war would never find him or his family there. There, Robert E Lee surrendered to Ulysses S Grant in his living room four years later. The American Civil War, literally and actually, began in his front yard  and ended in his Living Room

Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln and Lincolns secretary was named Kennedy. Booth shot from a theater and fled to a warehouse,  Oswald shot from a warehouse and fled to a theater. The list of counterpoints between Lincoln and Kennedy go on and on and on until you can not seriously suggest coincidence and really believe that it is possibly just, and only, that.

Just before President McKinnley was shot, he removed his Good Luck carnation and handed it to a child just ahead of his assassin in the line. An aid had remarked that afternoon that it would be Roosevelt's good luck if someone shot Mckinley that day. The blacklisted Anarchist who was blacklisted by the Anarchists themselves shot the gun. The fair celebrated Social Darwinisim, white supremacy and showcased electricity,... which was used to execute the assasin.

A lowly digger in the first proof of a biblical passage escaped the clutches of John Wayne Gacy by luck and wile, his "Montana or Bust" hitchhiking sign still in hand. John Wayne Gacy, who murdered one for each year in the life of Christ (33), who read Biblical Passages to his victims as he strangled them with a Garrote, and who then confessed using a Rosary to demonstrate how.

Life is strange, and during great events, its strangeness is both a wonder and a fascination. The size or the spirit of the event it seems, is often proportionate to the horror and Just as often the horror is proportionate to the size and spirit of the event.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

and after a while, if you really think about it,

its probably the only proof you need.


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