JonBenet Ramsey
Daniel Pride (King Solomons Gate Excavator) See: Karr Witness story on CNN Pipeline

Herod's Slaughter of the Innocent at Christmas

Greyhound Bus Station
Boulder Colorado
December 26, 1996 12:15 AM
Twenty Five Years after King Solomon's Gate

JonBenet (Good John) Ramsey (Exodus Pharaoh Ramsey) was murdered on Christmas day. The murderer ran down a short hill to the bus station and straight into the events surrounding the First Biblical Proof,... still dripping in her blood.

Rocky Mountain News

It had been a fun day. It was the first family type christmas I had had in years. Colorado seemed to be working out. I had arrived in late November 1996 to work at US West Yellow pages as a software designer on the Sales Application "Wild Thing". James Mac Read, a fellow 4th Dimension software designer, had graciously invited me to his home to have Christmas dinner with him, his wife and four kids. I couldn't help wondering how he managed it all and still found time to be a Deacon in his church, and do all the other things he was involved in. He was a stereotypical pillar of his community and yet had still found the time and compassion to invite a newcomer to the community into his home on Christmas day.

Mac dropped me at the corner in Longmont just as the bus arrived towards six o'clock in the evening and I rode it into Boulder Colorado for the transfer to Greyhound which would take me back to Denver. When the bus arrived, the Denver bus had just left and the schedule indicated it would be another hour for the next bus.

I got bored waiting after a few minutes and began to explore the area around the station. I looked for an expresso shop diagonally across the road from the station and then went to find one. I got back to the station just in time to see the bus pull out. I hollered to try to get Drivers attention but he ignored me and drove off.

I checked the schedule and now I had to wait until Nine. I passed the time as best I could in the station waiting for my bus. As nine came and went the station master told me that the bus had been canceled and now I would have to wait for the next one just after Midnight. I began to worry about getting enough sleep to be at work fresh and on time in the morning.

My worry started to turn to panic when the bus did not show on time. The station master was less than sympathetic after a long day, but assured me it "should" be here.

I paced back an forth, chain smoking even more than what was at the time my normal three packs a day. Finally the bus arrived and pulled into the station in the fifth or sixth bay away from the ticket counter and parked. Apparently the driver was taking a break. The bus would be leaving in ten minutes. As the time for departure neared, I ran out of matches and wanted one last butt before I got on. I made an oddly large number of inquires and got turned down by everybody, so I made my way towards the bus again, fearful I would screw it up again. As I approached the bus a Gaggle of half a dozen people stood in a circle in animated conversation and one single lone figure was standing near the bus's open door. He had just arrived at the spot. It must have been about 1:00 AM. The figure was stooped, thin, and a little emaciated, about 5'11" as I recall. The figure straightened up as I approached and turned his head to look at me. As I crossed the last few feet his eye's widened in increasing panic. I was "in motion" for the last few steps and raised my unlit cigarette, asking "You got a light?". As I did so the figures eyes flared wide, his face contorted in fear and horror and he let out a drawn out "ohhhhhh Noooooo", his tenor voice filled with horror.

The "vibe" off the man was overwhelming. I believe I actually took two steps directly back before I turned to walk away thinking "Geez guess I'll get my light elsewhere". The encounter left me troubled. Altho I was primarily looking at his face and its reaction, in memory,... he was wearing a western fleece vest with a shiny red spot in the area just over his heart. I wandered off for a minute or two but the bus began to board so I did also.

The bus was packed. As I made my way back to find a seat I passed Karr(?) sitting on the left side in an isle seat about a quarter of the way back, we both reacted with a start. I found a seat about half way back on the right side and sat down in the Isle seat. Almost immediately he began to look back at me over his shoulder, then he averted his gaze as he saw me return it. This continued a few times a minute as the bus made its way through Boulder. It became increasingly uncomfortable. The Glaring fearful furtive looks were major creepy. I remember thinking "What the f*ck is this guys problem?". I couldn't figure out why bumming a light would create such a reaction, and soon began to wish he would just "go away", I was beginning to get angry. (Others on that bus HAD to notice this) Then he did. The bus pulled in for a second stop somewhere on the outskirts of Boulder. It pulled off the highway into a parallel parking area with some commercial type buildings lining the road. With a last couple of glances he got up, pulled a small item off the shelf (backpack), gave a last fearful furtive look, and made his way off the bus to my noticeable relief.

I arrived at work the next morning to hear conversation about the murder the night before. Mac stopped by my cube to talk about it. He asked me if I had "seen anything" and I responded that I thought I may have. I did not want to come forward. I was involved in a series of issues which would greatly complicate such an action and in all probability make it completely fruitless. At first I felt it was probably nothing anyway, assuming the time of death was late in the night not midnight. I also had no idea, and no way of knowing, that the station was actually a short 15 Minute walk from the house. If it was the killer, he must have run into me in just minutes after leaving the body. Later on, when I learned of the time of death, I made half hearted attempts but by then the "Ramsey's did it" fix was in and as I expected it was blown off. I don't think they even really noticed or even bothered to write down my name.

I stated in every interview that followed the arrest of John Mark Karr that I could not provide a reliable ID of the individual involved, altho many stations cut it. Do I think it was Karr? Actually yes I do, but unfortunately, I am no where near sure enough to get on the stand and point a finger. Regrettably. The reverse however may not be true, if Mr Karr is intent on confession, identifying my jacket, clothing, or the distinctive shoes I was wearing that day, would prove his case...

In the topsy turvy mirror world of events related to the Gate,
it somehow almost makes sense that the witness is depending on the perpetrator for an identification
Time will tell.

JonBenet Ramsey
JonBenet Ramsey
Bulletin Board

Update: Oct 17 2006 Watching the same stone faced Karr clips over and over never produced an image. Watching Greta's interview Oct 16th did. The image "filled in" when his raised eyebrow expression two minutes into the interview matched the expression I saw. I had an undeniable "flash" of recognition. It is a ten year old memory of a moment in time, seconds really... it is a weak memory admittedly, but I am as sure of it now as it is possible to be under the circumstances. Time will tell, I believe this is not over yet.

Update: Sept 2008: Hallelujah! Touch DNA has now proved that there was an intruder, that the intruder did murder her, that he was bleeding! We now will someday know the truth of these matters, it is only a matter of time. Karr fled the country at the news, interesting, very interesting. My heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the investigators,... keep up, get fired up, DONT STOP!

Secondary Event: Karr's Natalie Wood/Miracle on 34th street obsession becomes a bit of a mind-bender if you think about it. Definitely a "secondary event"... Karr focuses on a Movie about a little girl and Christmas which is about proving the unprovable, (the existence of Santa). The Christmas murder that is his motivation becomes part of the events surrounding the first Biblical Proof, proving the unprovable (the existence of God). Its parallel being the slaughter of innocence on Christmas (Herod).


At the end of this latest episode in the Ramsey murder a Gag Order was issued to stop discussion of the Video Surveillance tape from the Bus Station. Why? Has this tape also been Lost and the Gag Order a coverup for incompetence?... or does the existence of the Gag order confirm that a tape exists and something is on it? If so, why is the publics attention not being directed at identifying the individual? Why a Gag Order? Supporting Correspondence   More Correspondence .

The Most Vile Element of this Utterly Vile Case

The Globe, 12/31/07: The Shocking Reason JonBenet's Mom was Suspect No. 1:

Eleven years after child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was brutally murdered in her own home, experts are making the shocking charge that investigators blew the case because they paid more attention to the theories of FBI profilers than the actual evidence!
That's the bombshell reason lawmen pointed the finger of suspicion at Patsy Ramsey...says former Boulder, Colo. district attorney Alex Hunter...

Polygraph report dates on a related site,... Kresnik-1-17-97 and Gates 1-27-97 ... a busy time indeed...
This was intentional Misdirection not Coincidence.
Just when I had already passed polygraphs of an earthshaking case against the FBI, they misdirect
I wonder if they even had qualms about their complicity in child murder and rape. I doubt it.
Too busy climbing the ladder, or something even worse.

Update: Oct 2014: Recent email exchanges with someone interested in the case (Laurie S SimpleB...Gmail) has resulted in further information. The party mentioned Karr's "Odd Body Type" being somewhat dwarfish with short legs and long body. I didn't actually slap myself in the forehead and yell "BINGO", but easily could have. For years I have been describing an "odd stooped posture, kind of like he was stooping down not to be seen". No it wasn't a stoop I saw I realize now, it was Karr's very odd elongated body and short legs I saw. No Question About It. I always used the word "odd" to describe the stance because there was always something that literally "didn't fit",... til now.

Documentary Sources: The Press contacted James Mac Read (now of Milliseconds Computing) and was able to confirm my presence in the Station that night and at that time, and the gist of the conversation the next day (December 26 1996). The following is just a small sample of the circus that followed.

Today Show (Toby)
ABC (Haythorn)
CNN (Larry King)
Good Morning (Jenifer)
Inside Edition (Boyd)

Video of the Interviews will be posted as it becomes available

The original story was posted in 2002 (Unabom site) and extensively updated in jan 2004 after it was announced DNA had been recovered. At that point I assumed an arrest would eventually be made and wanted to make the details as clear as I could at that time in anticipation of any possible arrest. Prior to that time I had attempted to be cryptic thus the poem, the outrageousness of the events was getting to me at the time. This page is being added so as not to alter the original file. The original description was off in several respects, the momentary image "filled in" after I had the flash of recognition at his fearful facial expression during the Greta interview. Much of the description is an unconscious attempt to reconcile the odd posture, a confusing image, until I was informed of his dwarfish qualities 18 years later.

The Original letter to the Boulder DA.
Going Public Warning to DA
Lacy on DNA

Jonbenet... Good John
Ramsey... Exodus Pharaoh Ramsey
John Mark... wheres Matthew and Luke
The Slaughter of Innocence at Christmas (Herod)
Proving Santa Claus vs Proving God
Ransom note Handwriting vs Nathan R note Handwriting
Jonbenet Garrote vs Gacy's use of Garrote
Thai Arrest vs Thai Peace Corps
Karrs SBTC Yearbook entry vs Elliot Nathanson's yearbook
7 Exodus vs 70's Cambodian Refugee Evacuation
Christmas Photos and Christmas Photos
Karr's Angel and Innocence offspring vs Gacy's Angel House for the Innocents project
The facts of the Nine O'clock no show bus would be interesting to know.
In all of these events tied to the Gate the deeper you look the more interesting they become.
It is interesting that Karr's Mother, a minister, tried to exorcise the evil she sensed in him
by attempting to "burn the demons out" in a ritualistic ring of fire when he was very young.
She was judged insane and committed suicide.
The parallel with the ending of the Omen is unmistakable.
Photos were claimed by the Bozo Sherrif who botched the whole thing to prove to show Karr in Atlanta at Christmas but what the photos actually show is everybody but Karr. No photo of me at the 1971 dig has surfaced so far either, despite my great efforts to do so, the intro to Digging for the Truth"" was shot in 1973. More eyewitness reports than Karr claimed of course, including all the folks on the videos :)

Time of Death

JonBenet Ramsey

Footnote: As staggering an admission of stupidity as it is... I think I may have actually missed two busses that night in addition to the missed connection before the canceled bus. Can't remember why I missed the second one if that is true. When someone comes up with a bus schedule I guess it will clear up. I do remember being completely flustered at my own stupidity over the issue of missing a bus that night however :) i.e. twice missed seven o'clock bus.... and I do mean really totally completely flustered... :)

2024 - Its all going to break at once..... Allah Akbar !

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