Sins of Sinanan


3 Months Before Sinanan with Hernia
3 Months After Sinanan with "Cure"


I went to Dr Mika N Sinanan, MD to fix a prior University of Washington Hernia operation by Dr Andrew Wright in Nov of 2011 which had failed. The first failure was due to my not ceasing supplements which causing excessive bleeding, a nurses faulty instruction's that continuing to take fish oil and DHEA was not a problem, and again my fault, an excessive use of a sledge hammer. The prior operation had left an extremely large scrotal hematoma (blob of dried blood the size of a toy football 2x3x5") which was by then rapidly disappearing without complications. I had seen three other physicians at UW including Wright about the hematoma just after the first operation and been told by all three to leave it alone in the strongest terms. A fourth I saw in Israel, just before the second operation, just after the reoccurrence, Dr. Oded Olsha of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, said in a general conversation about it "for gods sake you don't want to do that...." (try to surgically remove the hematoma - at that point, Sept 2013, thumb size 1.5 x 0.5 x 0.5). Boy was he right. He indicated there was a chance of infection but it would probably go away on its own given its current state, and if infected should be addressed with antibiotics until it resolved. Over the next three months it further reduced by a third and was totally asymptomatic.

During the patient doctor conference to fix the returned hernia Sinanan made a real show at the start, repeatedly staring at the chalkboard, repeatedly pausing, and looking very pained for what seemed like minutes. It actually created a sympathy reaction in me. I had read he was not only Medical Director of the facility, but one of the "50 GREATEST DOCTORS ON EARTH", so I felt privileged to be there and a bit unworthy to be there with a run of the mill hernia. I was also worried about the negative reactions my obstinate decision to refuse to go back to Wright and switch surgeons had seemed to create in the hospital. One nurse had gone so far as to say the operation was really "beneath his skill level",... another had subtly tried to steer me to another surgeon. Wright had also contacted me to dissuade me from the change, sounding quite pained. But I had been so personally uncomfortable with Wright (nothing to do with medical issues, I just did not like the feel of his touch down there, it did not feel clinical to me but personal and made me intensly uncomfortable), that I had delayed the initial procedure by three years to my detriment, before deciding that this was UW, and I should get over it. After the first disaster, I could not bring myself to do it again. Most would have gone elsewhere I guess, I had a misplaced faith in the institution that had saved my life in 1996 (but it was a person who saved my life in 1996 not an institution). When asked for an alternative, James Schrom had pushed Sinanan, saying if I was willing to wait I could get the very best. So to each I gave the instructed reply that I really didn't mind waiting. So in a reaction to Sinanan's obvious, demonstrative, expressive difficulty, I said "well don't worry about it (explaining the technical details of hernia surgery to me), I know you are one of the very best so just do what is best for my health, I am not going to second guess you on how to fix a hernia". I had a hernia, he fixed hernias, it needed to be fixed. I had tried and failed to understand the biomechanics of hernias several times already without result anyway. My statement got a big smile and a rapid movement toward the door which took me by surprise. I had not intended to end the conversation. Then, already half way out the door, he said "Oh yea and we will get that hematoma too". That stunned me, I had considered it a closed matter for a year, and it was almost gone by then anyway. "Really?" I said in questioning shock not approval. He responded "There's absolutely no reason not to now" and was hurriedly gone before I could utter a word. The entire patient doctor conference took less than three minutes, actually, I think, less than two, before he bolted out the door. The pained pantomime took the first 90 seconds. It left me confused. I don't remember him even looking at the now thumb sized, rapidly shrinking, hematoma in any detail. I never got the chance to tell him that it had gone down by a third in the last three months and felt fine. I intended to talk to him before the surgery in light of the strong unanimous warnings by four Doctors, but before I realized it was tranquilized and in the confusion of surgery day, on a Saturday morning, Jan 5, 2013 at 8 am, missed the opportunity to bring it up.

"Absolutely no reason not"

From his perspective I guess

I woke up with a testicle the size of a large grapefruit that did not go down for six months. I left my software developer position at Intel and have been out of work for a year at this point. Dr Olsha had also said that "you don't want to do that cause it will never be right". That has also proven to be true. I am left with a hard and painful lump of coal where there was once something I was quite fond of. UW has saved my life twice. I revered the hospital, I always went there for twenty years, and always with excellent results. On two occasions I traveled from the east coast so I could have procedures at UW. My trust in the institution was without bounds or question. Only now do I realize that "50 GREATEST DOCTORS ON EARTH" is a title for the politically powerful, not a measure of healing skill. Schweitzer he ain't. The hernia surgery was so far competent, but my life has been devastated for from what I can tell is no good reason, in a procedure I did not request, to my knowledge clearly consent to, nor understand.

The worst thing about the operation is it turned me from a vigorous Man who ran five miles a day and lived life to the hilt to a very very old man who feels quite weak and frail. I reference two facial photos of me here one 3 Months before and one three months after. I estimate it will cost me at least ten years of life*, and what I do get is now nothing like the fun life used to be. Like I said, beware, I feel like I was mugged.

Medical Evaluation

* In the weeks before the second operation it had gotten so small and light it had moved out of the scrotal sac and moved or risen up underneath the skin flap above, in short it was rapidly being cleansed from my body without intervention as all four other Doctors had predicted, some as recently as three months before they rolled me into Sinanan's chamber and changed my life forever...

***While I am still trying to understand the medical records, it appears that in the absence of any evidence of infection the Insurance Company has refused to pay for the procedure and the hospital has "adjusted" the balance. I am currently seeking, so far unsuccessfully, a Medical Malpractice attorneys assistance. If you are a willing attorney please Email

**** During scheduling, a nurse overheard a discussion instructing me on the checkin procedures on a Saturday and reacted with a shocked comment, ("On a Saturday,your kidding me, who ever operates on a Saturday") the other responded "Oh that's just a Sinanan thing..", in an odd sort of "hush hush" manner. I wonder about that comment to this day in light of recent newspaper articles on Sinanan. ( PDF ). Note: The PDF copy will not vanish from the web like the others.

The Nurse

Right in the middle of a compile the phone rang. the 4d masterpiece was headed for a room with corporate bigwigs in hours. Another problem with the back end needing something that they hadn't figured on needing from my Flash/Flex front end, and I was scrambling to damn sure my compatriots looked good. The definition of insanity is making code changes on the very day of a Fortune 500 Board presentation. It was the nurse to schedule my surgery. I tried to focus despite the pressure. She named a day by which I was sure they weren't going to be ready. Oh Sorry Garry. Excuse me,... burp. I tried to push for more time, but of course I still wanted it as soon as possible. The hernia was a pain in the arse and I wanted to get back to running, and hopefully lifting weights again (Oh for a stair master). Swimming three miles a day was getting old too. Apparently the surgery wasn't for five days afterwards, this was just a meeting. Saved I thought. We will do it on Skype. The voice on the other end became brittle as steel in the arctic. Oh I said, do we have to do tests? No. Why a live meeting for Christ's sake, its going to cost me 500 extra for the motel and I would have to abandon my friend at a critical part of the development cycle. I pushed mercilessly, more than I had a right too. We settled on a face to face two days out and I promised to read the manuals and then over pressured for time did not. At the meeting there was ABSOLUTELY nothing that could not have easily been handled on time over Skype, but it was one leap to far for an over pressured and I would say scared nurse. I continued to take supplements, specifically DHEA and Fish oil which makes me bleed for a half hour from a shaving knick. I got to the conference which I had pushed for two days before the surgery, to discover my error at the aspirin question. I told her the problem, and did feel like a jerk. No aspirin but the other two. She asked "No aspirin?", tiny beads of sweat on her forehead from the pressure. No I said. She seemed under a lot of pressure. But what about the Fish Oil I said, now belatedly remembering reading about it. She waved her hand and said as long as no aspirin no problem, it didn't sound right, in the presentation let alone the facts, I asked again about the two, was it Ok to keep taking them even now two days out, to cover herself I think, she said no problem,... so I went with it. I remember the day of the surgery looking at the caps of DHEA and Fish oil, shrugging and saying "well she says it ok". The DHEA Fish Oil effect is very short lived, it was the last day or two that did it, and I knew better despite what I had been told. My guess the root problem is in the institutionalized fear, I pushed more than is wise, A personalities sometimes do. But the next time a guy with a knife posts a sign with "50 GREATEST ON EARTH", run like hell, I should have spotted that one from a mile off, and am embarrassed at my naivete

I have noticed several very bitter patient complaints on major sites which have disappeared. I am anxious to contact and possibly assist those individuals, and the next poor joe walking through that door. Contact: If you found this looking for Doctor reviews,... be aware, the major review sites are quite obviously scrubbed, at least if you have enough power anyway. If you get an offer of a surgery on a Saturday with no cameras, no students and no witnesses, my advice would be one of extreme caution.

Postscript - My Opinion - From my personal experience, it is my belief that what we have here is a criminal, one who like a pedophile priest hides behind his respectability, performing admirably, even saving lives, until he decides to indulge himself in his petty pleasures, which for him are the real objective, the sought reward, the true purpose behind a seemingly admirable dedication and talent. It is a too common trait in those who seek and find power. The widow of his now dead fellow surgeon. ( PDF ) seemed notably unforgiving and bitter in her discussion of her husbands death coming off from Sinanan's operating table. For her, it does not sound like that suit was about the money (see excerpt below). The news coverage, in light of my personal experience, makes me wonder if there is more to the story. It is a phenomenon that is common in modern society, the Bill Cosby's of the world are more numerous than we want to believe, and that is why it is so easy for them to rise to heights, and hide in plain site, aided and abetted by our universal and misplaced desire to believe in universal goodness. What Sinanan did to me was criminal by my definition of the word. When you see that sort of thing even once, life tells me its unlikely that its unique. I would have greatly preferred to have been viciously attacked by a mugger on the street. That the legal system takes a trick of words and manipulation and refuses to even consider any action tells you that there is no real legal recourse in these situations, and individuals so inclined rein free, cloaked in clever slight of hand and protected by a legal system that clearly does not work. How would you feel if you went in, full of trust, with a hernia,... and....

Excerpt from Times Article on Marchioro Death

Further dissection into the mediastinum (interior chest) would have risked injury to the heart, to the coronary artery bypass grafts, and certainly would have exposed all these to an active infection," Sinanan said in court documents.
Ron Perey, attorney for Karen Marchioro, will tell the court that there is nothing in Tom Marchioro's medical record documenting his alleged statements about not entering the chest. Such notations are required by hospital and state regulations, he says.
Perey will also cite one medical study saying there is a 15 percent risk of heart rupture when the sternum is left open. He will say the doctors should have removed the scar tissue that pulled Marchioro's heart apart, they should have performed other procedures to stabilize the sternum, or they should have kept Marchioro immobilized in the intensive care unit until his sternum could be closed.
Karen Marchioro, trained as a registered nurse, cannot accept that her husband would have given instructions that would have endangered him. "If he ever had any reservations about (going into his chest) he never told me about them," she said in an interview.

A Surgeon at UW, I don't know who yet, in 1996 saved my life with a then experimental procedure called an angioplasty. It was a miracle and restored me to full health immediately after my first heart attack. It was performed in a lounge chair kind of setup not on a table. He had a crewcut, when I woke up and looked at him. I was terrified at the realization of what was actually happening at that moment, seeing the wire in my artery on the monitor, and in passing peripherally noted to my surprise that he was smoking. He saw I was awake and the lights went out in seconds. I also remember being surprised that the surgeon was not a heart surgeon, my memory is something like intestinal or thoracic. His response was something like "its all the same stuff". The coincidence that Marchioro both had a crew cut and was a chain smoker and in a specialty that seems to match what I was told at the time, raises a question that needs to be answered. Without clear proof nor a memory of a name, I do think it was him. I also had the impression that my proceedure was very experimental and "off the cuff", and actually not sure if the actual record will reflect the reality.

Sinanan is a turkish term which translates as "The Test".

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